I don’t see my car listed on your application list. How can I purchase it for my car?

Please send us a message through our website and let us know the year, make and model of your vehicle.  We will look into it for future development.

I love your coilovers! They are amazing! How can I get some stickers for my car?

You can purchase stickers through our Goods section on the website.  Otherwise you can send us self stamped envelope to our mailing address and we will send you 7″ stickers at no charge!

Thank you!

What is corner balancing and is it important?

Main advantage of purchasing our coilover is to corner balance your vehicle properly.  Corner balancing simply means to set the cross weight evenly as possible.  By having even cross weight, you’ll have even weight over the front tires which will the vehicle better braking traction and stability.  Rears will benefit from stability coming out from corners for RWD vehicles.  Believe it or not, proper corner balance can significantly improve street ride quality as well.  We’ve seen our customers lower their track times 5-10% just by having their vehicles properly balanced at the track.

Stance offers state of the art race alignment and corner balancing. Please call us to setup an appointment today!

Will the shocks lose stroke if I lower my car?

Stance coilovers come with separate adjustable lower bracket which allows the dampers to retain its full stroke even when lowering the vehicle.  This is a huge advantage over other brands that only utilize spring to adjust the ride height, which can lead to riding on bumpstops and premature failure of dampers and not to mention poor handling.

How do I adjust damping on my coilover?

Stance coilovers are 16 way adjustable which can be felt with each click.  Unlike other brands, our dampers offer wide range of adjustment so you do not need to make huge changes to feel the difference.  We recommend adjusting 1-2 clicks at a time.

If this is your first time adjusting your coilover we recommend starting out at “0” setting.  Turn the adjustment clicker clockwise until it stops, this is your full stiff.  Now, turn back 8 clicks from full stiff, this is your “0” setting.  This is your “sweet spot”.  You can now adjust 2 clicks at a time to adjust to your personal preference for street driving.

We also recommend starting out at 0 setting even for track driving and adjusting 2 clicks at a time.  If the vehicle tends to understeer into corners, you can increase the damping force in the rears and decrease damping on the fronts.  If the vehicle is oversteering into corners, you can increase damping force in the fronts and decrease in the rears. This is a very basic way to tune your suspension.  You can also use ride height, chassis balance, tire pressure, tire compound and aerodynamics to tune your vehicle for ultimate traction.


Do you offer warranty on your products?

Yes!  Stance offers 2yr warranty on all of the products.  Please keep your invoice as a proof of purchase.  Please contact us directly for any issues concerning your product.

Why doesn’t my coilover have adjustable camber plates?

Stance offers adjustable camber plates for MacPherson type suspension only.  If your vehicle comes with multilink suspension or double wishbone suspension, camber is adjusted via eccentric bolts or adjustable links.

How Do I Raise My Car?

When adjusting the height, do not adjust the height by the spring perch. All height adjustments should be done through the lower mounting bracket.
Adjusting the spring perch will change the spring preload and should only be done when corner weighting and balancing the car.

When the shock is shortened and a higher ride height is desired

stance-shock-lowered To raise the car, first make sure the spring perch and the middle locking collar are locked tightly together.

When they are locked together, use the spanner wrench to turn the spring perch locking collar counter-clockwise from the top view.