Alec Hohnadell


Get to know Alec

Alec began his racing career at 4 years old. He raced BMX and Motocross winning 2 Tri-State MX Championships and over 100 podium finishes. He transitioned into racing Jetskis capturing a World Championship and 7 National Championships after earning the distinction of the youngest licensed Pro Racer at the age of 14. He began racing Karts, Champ Karts and Legends Cars before falling in love with Drifting.

Alec made an impression in the southeast by competing in his first Pro Am round with only six months drift experience and landing within top 3. He won the Streetwise Drift Pro Am by a 102 point lead and a podium finish at each round. He earned his Formula Drift Pro 1 license as a 17 year old High School Senior and is 19 years old coming into his 2nd year in Formula Drift Pro 1. Alec Hohnadell has quite a short history in drifting, but he has made quite the impact for a 19 year old with a S-chassis! Announcing his partnership with Forrest Wang and the Get Nutz Lab crew for the 2015 drifting season, he is sure to be the rookie to look out for.

“With a more reliable power setup (830 whp & 890 ft/lbs) and improved suspension, Alec was able to qualify 6th at Formula Drift Rd.1 at Long beach. ”


LS3, Magnuson Supercharer 12psi, Ignite e85 Race Fuel, Holley ECU


Stance Suspension XR3 3-way adjustable suspension, Chassis fab by Get Nuts Lab and Wisefab control arms




Get Nuts Lab/2F Performance Super Doof kit and Origin Type 3 fenders


Cosmis Racing XT-206R Wheels with Achilles Radial 123s


Full FD-spec roll cage, Racetech Seats and a Grip Royal steering wheel