Dan Lewis

Time Attack Driver

Get to know Dan Lewis

In a previous life Dan was really into drag racing. Since then he has moved on to doing timeattack stuff in his S2000.. Dan is also an engineer by degree, but doesn’t practice. Outside of racing and friends/family/work he’s been spending the majority of my timing pursuing his masters degree.

Dan has been competing in Gridlife Trackbattle since it started in 2015. In 2016 Dan had a rather frustrating year. He spent the majority of the time trying to get the car setup correctly. Dan had very little time in the beginning of the season for testing and it rippled through the rest of the year. His car was consistently just off the podium in Trackmod RWD in Gridlife Trackbattle. However when he revisited these tracks on his own throughout the year he was able to run lap times lower than the times that would have awarded him a podium finish. Dan felt that he had a complete aero package as the year went on. He picked up 12MPH on the back straight of Gingerman race way without adding any horsepower.

This year Dan has been working hard in the off season making adjustments and fine tuning what he can. He pulled more weight out of the car; it will be sitting at 2680 with him in it which is 200 pounds lighter than last year. He has moved to AEM infinity and set the car up for more boost and E85. 2016 power level was 315whp on a dynojet….moving to 430whp on a dynojet this year. Dan will be switching from our 1-way custom coilovers to the new aluminum XR2’s.

Dan doesn’t have any nicknames, but he is part of DMN Racing which was started as a close-knit group of friends. They have been officially a team since 2016.


Wedssport SA72R Wide Spec


Custom Valved Aluminum Stance XR3, AP Racing BBK, Hawk DTC-70 Pads
WHEELS AND TIRES: Wedsport SA72R Wide Spec, Nitto NT01


Exedy Hyper Single, TRE Built Differential


+25mm ASM Front Fenders, +44 ASM Rear Fenders, Voltex Front Bumper, CustomSplitter, Kogniton Wing, Wasp Canards, Vraptor Speedworks Hood Vents, Custom Fender Vents, Carbon FiberMugen Hardtop


Science of Speed Super Charger, AEM infinity,  380PS


Hard Dog Roll Bar, Recaro Pole Position Seat, Nardi Steering Wheel