Jeffrey Hoffman - Land Speed 240SX

Land Speed and Drag Racing

Get to know the Land Speed 240sx

Jerry Hoffmann, founder and owner of AMPEFI / MS3Pro and DIYAutoTune.  I’ve been a ‘carguy’ all of my life, and always had a knack for computers as well.  I worked in IT for about a decade and played with cars on the side.  Then had the blessing of an opportunity to marry my loves of cars and racing with my IT side, and started building engine management systems on the side, which quickly turned into a full time gig.  And never looked back.

I’ve done a little drag racing, a little more autocross, but by and large land speed racing has been my love after working with some of our customers out on the salt flats starting back in 2006 and helping them reach their goals and set several records.  After watching others successes and failures out at the salt for the few years I got the bug, started planning, and built a car.  Now if the salt would just ‘heal’ up so we could go racing there….   In the meantime I’ve racked up more land speed records than I can count in the car at the ECTA’s Ohio Mile event, 13 of which I/we hold currently.  Note that several of these records are running on larger engine classes—meaning we hold records all the way up to the unlimited engine displacement classes—with a measly little 3 liter engine…

Unfortunately the ECTA lost use of the airstrip we were racing on in Ohio, so we took 2016 off. They’ve still not found a new track but they’re working on it, so for 2017 we’re REALLY hoping the salt turns out to be a safe racing surface so we can go run the car where it was built to be run. Bonneville!


Rear Wheels: Diamond Racing Steel Wheels (custom built to our specs) Front Wheels: Cheap Steel wheels, welded/modified for land speed use. Front Wheels: Goodyear Eagle Land Speed tires 23” x 4.5” Rear Tires: Bonneville  Goodyear Eagle Land Speed 25” x  4” or ECTA Ohio Mile  Hoosier R7 245/45/16


Stance Pro Comp 3 Coilovers (rear cantilever style configuration), Rear brakes only  Wilwood Dynalites and Parachute


Aluminum airdam, Lexan Windows, Mirror and windshield wiper delete


G-Force GF4A 4-Speed transmission and GM 10-bolt with spool and 2.73:1 gears.  


MS3Pro Engine Management System  (This is our flagship EMS), Mahle Pistons, Manley Turbo Tuff Rods, OEM Crank/Block, GSC Power Division Billet S2 Camshafts, Turbonetics 83mm Turbo


Partial ‘funny car’ cage around the driver and full containment seat, passenger side floor mounted intercooler icebox and cool shirt/pump