For the 2016 season, both drivers brought more flare to the table than the year prior. The fan favorite  S15 driven by Stance sponsored driver Forrest Wang is sporting a fresh look featuring a new title sponsor for this season, Hankook Tires USA. The prodigal son Alec Hohnadell started out with a brand new chassis for the 2016 competition season, with a different color scheme but bringing back the same aggressive driving style that gained him his notoriety in the first place.

Being in a new chassis, Alec didn’t have as much seat time as the team would have liked to dial in the car 100%. This first round was also a bit of a test to feel the car out and find its limits.

The team altered spring rates and damper settings to suit Alec’s preferences and see how the car behaved compared to his old S14 chassis.

The new Stance XR3 damper system was acting just as expected; incredible. Adjusting the damper allowed the Get Nuts team to have complete control over the feel of the car.

Forrest was familiar with his chassis that already had an extensive shakedown last season; when he installed the XR3 suspension system the car felt even better.

Tuning guru Kyle LeBlanc making sure the Get Nuts Lab cars run flawlessly

Forrest and Alec met with our head suspension tech for their feedback on the suspension system

Forrest Wang’s front suspension set up on his Formula Drift S15 competition car.

Friday practice had inconsistent rain coming down and making the driving conditions on the track unpredictable.

In the moments that the track was dry enough for smoke to be visible, Forrest was laying down really consistent wall to wall runs.  The FD officials ended up cancelling the qualifying runs for Friday due to the rain picking up again and soaking the track. The 2015 qualifying ranking was used for this event in lieu of holding an actual qualifying that day. Too many cars were hitting the wall, it was the safe choice.

On the hot grid waiting for Top 32 practice on Saturday

Unfortunately for Alec, he was knocked out during his Top 32 battle.

Forrest was stayed true to his earlier runs, giving the judges an awe inspiring wall-to-wall performance against his Top 32 match up Matt Coffman. Forrest received the win and advanced on to Top 16.

Top 16 introductions featured many familiar faces from last years recurring lineup; Forrest was matched up with former Formula Drift champion Michael Essa for his Top 16 battle.

Just like his previous runs, Forrest was dragging his new Super Doof rear bumper and Rays Factory GT wing along the banks of the course, and he was awarded the win over Michael Essa who straightened out on his chase run.

As for his Great 8 matchup, Ken Gushi was not someone to take lightly; he and his Greddy team had been dialing in the FRS for 3 years now and he was a valid adversary.

For his lead run, Forrest was going for the maximum amount of angle on the second wall ride, and his Get Nuts Lab S15 turned just past 90 degrees and the car spun, leaving him with a zero for that run. Not even a clean chase run would allow him to move on; Ken Gushi advanced on to the Final 4.

Both Stance drivers  are more than ready for Atlanta; Alec is doing final dial in settings for his new S14 and will without a doubt be a force to be reckoned with come Round 2 of the Formula Drift series at Road Atlanta and Forrest will for sure dominate at the high speed track that suits his style.