Raymond Leung has always been the one to dive headfirst into a new chassi. We are all too familiar with his last venture, his VARIS Scion FR-S (Check out that car HERE), which he ran our air cup system on as well as Stance Super Sport coilovers. When he parted it out, we were heartbroken but knew that he had eyes for another chassis..

By the time he picked up the ND, our Japan-based R&D team had already designed the coilover system for the chassis and they went on without hesitation. Following the trend of his FR-S, the air cup system was also installed on the front, but he opted to have rear air cups installed as well. Living in downtown Chicago can take its toll on cars, and Ray wasn’t going to have any of that wear and tear on his Miata; the air cup system was a no brainer.

A bit of Ray’s personal flair added to the air tank, a few pages from the anime One Punch Man.

As Ray makes more progress on the car, we ill be sure to throw some updates up on the blog before he moves on to the next chassis!
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