STANCE at Formula Drift Atlanta and in Japan

The Atlanta stop for Formula Drift is always one of the most entertaining; the track is fast and makes for exciting tandem battles, the fans are wild, and this event has been known to set the pace for the rest of the FD season. In the Pro 1 category, we had Alec Hohnadell in his supercharged LS3 S14 and Dan Burkett in his 2JZ Mark 4 Supra both running custom valved XR3 suspension. Danny George,Crick Filipi, and George K. were present for the Pro 2 category.

Danny George in his BMW, scoring an 87 for the number one qualifying spot for Pro 2!

Dan Burkett qualified 18th in Pro 1, and was in the main show on Saturday. His Top 32 battle was a match up against Dean Kearney in his 1300hp Dodge Viper. Dean advanced on to the Top 16.

Alec Hohnadell qualified 8th, and was set up to battle Juha Rintanen in his Top 32 battle. Alec progressed and moved on to the Top 16!

For his Top 16 battle, Alec would battle Jeff Jones and advance on to the Great 8.

Alec had an intense battle with the former Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr., but ultimately bested the veteran and moved on to the Final 4!

Alec’s night would end with this battle against the Irish drifter James Deane, but his final result for the event was a 4th place finish!

Meanwhile in Japan, StanceJPN driver  Miki Takagi competed in the Drift Muscle Championship at her home course of Meihan in Osaka, and secured first place in her class!

Check back in to the Stance blog for my updates on drivers and events in the future!