Stance USA at GridLife: Road Atlanta

GridLife made it’s first appearance at Road Atlanta this past weekend for its inaugural event in the south, featuring Time Attack, Drifting, a Car show and a music festival! RA is  renowned for its scenery, elevation changes, speed and track length. Bringing the largest automotive party in the US to this track was a no brainer, and proved to be successful all around.

SS USA Driver Devin Giles finished the event with a time of 1:35.143 and finished 3rd in his class and 7th fastest of the event overall!

SS Driver Brandon Ranvek piloted Andy Smedgard’s RS Motors/365R Racing Evo IX this weekend in Andy’s stead and took home first in his class in Unlimited AWD, and third fastest of the event!

Fish of Risky Devil is a Chicago local that brought his car out to RA for this event. This was his first event on Stance Suspension, where he was on air ride before hand. This BOSS S14 with freshly built XR3s and with a freshly built Magnuson Supercharger equipped LS2 was a sight to see. So much smoke!

Bart in his Stance equipped E36!

Another member of Risky Devil came down to the event from Chicago, Stevie in his SR powered E30.

Another Midwest native Dan Lewis made the trek to down to drive Road Atlanta in his badass S2000!

Garage Moon Power’s Phil Koch running Stance on his S13!

The TF-Works Mustang GT drove the whole trip down to Road Atlanta, took 3 days of track abuse, and then drove back without a hiccup! All on Stance suspension, comfortable when needed and aggressive on the track when required.


Mike Puglisi in his XR3 equipped Evo landed 2nd place in Track Mod for the weekend!

We have been running our contingency program where drivers that are running Stance Suspension on their cars can get paid to compete in certain series! Check out the contingency page for more information!