Wall Stadium aka “The Gauntlet” Rd4 of Formula Drift series is known for its spectacular crashes, controversies, and epic battles.  

Team SS driver Alec Hohnadell was coming in with confidence from his 4th place finish at Rd.3  Alec hasn’t had the best results at this track and he is hungry to change that.  New to our Team SS, Dan Burkett, driving the only Supra in FD was also his first time at the Gauntlet.

Alec Hohnadell struggled in practice as the car was having issues with DBW throttle system.    

We decided on Friday to switch over to a manual throttle body and not risk it going into top 32 battle on Saturday.  Once the throttle body was switched, it improved all of the issues we were having and the car was getting more dialed in as our on track support team was setting the XR3.  However, as the luck would have it, first run of the practice on Saturday, Alec’s axle broke at initiation and car hit the wall.  However the team did not know about the axle at the time and barely got everything fixed.  Only to find out at the burnout box that the axle was broken.  Alec was not able to compete and had to forfeit to Robbie Nishida.

Dan Burkett is quietly making an impression and his time is coming!  

It’s not easy competing against the best drifters in the world!  Dan Burkett is determined to push himself to be one of them.  It’s not easy to compete at this level and the FD tracks are very challenging as well.  We’re also learning about Dan’s driving style and his car to make improvements each round.  Each round is a new learning lesson for the team and our track support.  We have been making changes almost every round and each time, Dan and the Supra is making huge improvements.  Watch for Dan Burkett to make an impact soon!